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Pros and Cons of Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers: Pick the Right One

Our world has changed so much in 2020. The coronavirus has taught us many different things. It feels like yesterday when we were at the office shaking hands, talking freely, and roaming around at will. And now, we are locked down in our homes, keeping a safe distance from others and using hand sanitizers after every few minutes.

Even as time passes and the ‘new normal’ becomes a way of life for everyone, these new habits and newly gained consciousness about health and hygiene will stay. Of these, hand sanitization at regular intervals has found universal acceptance, pandemic or not.

Further awareness campaigns on sanitization are on their way, and governments are installing hand sanitizers at numerous public spaces. To avoid contact, many people are opting for touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispensers as they are believed to offer an extra layer of protection.

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is an excellent alternative to the traditional ones as it requires zero to no contact. But with its so many advantages, there is still some scepticism regarding its usage and effectiveness.

Here is a list of some pros and cons of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers.

Pros Of An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Pros-of-an-automatic-hand-sanitizer-dispenser1. Automatic

The first and foremost advantage of an automatic sanitizer dispenser is that it provides a truly touchless experience. There is no hassle of pressing a button or a handle (as in the case of foot-operated ones). These dispensers have ultrasonic sensors that release the sanitizer once you keep your hands below the nozzle. It’s fast, safe, and simply more efficient.

2. Easy to use

For every appliance, the ease of use is what determines its feasibility. While choosing a sanitizer dispenser, you will want something that will be easy to use, unlike the manual ones.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are better than the traditional ones as they dispense the sanitizer automatically. You don’t have to apply physical pressure on the dispenser; just place your hands under the nozzle, and it provides the right amount.

Here’s how can easily install an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser:

3. Delivers a standard dose

One of the biggest advantages of an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser machine is that it offers a standard amount that is enough to clean both hands.

These standardized doses are usually sprayed on the hands, which causes minimum to no wastage, unlike manual ones, which releases extra sanitizer at times.

4. Eliminates a contact point

Manual hand sanitizers require pushing the pump to release sanitizer. Touching the pump can spread a lot of germs, as people with dirty hands also use it.

With touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, there is no common contact point, which means less or no germs will be transferred from one person to another.


5. Modern appearance

Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers usually have a sleek and stylish design. They also add a modern appeal to places they are installed in.

If you install a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser at your workplace, then you are indeed giving a high-end vibe to your environment.

Cons Of An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Cons-of-an-automatic-hand-sanitizer-dispenserDespite the many staggering benefits of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, there are also some cons that have made the decision-making process tough for the buyers. But are these cons really something to worry about? Is there any way to get past them? Let’s find out…

Batteries wear down fast

Most automatic dispensers rely on batteries to operate. So, they require regular and timely maintenance in terms of refilling the batteries. This is an added expense as well as a hassle for the consumers, who will have to change the batteries as soon as they wear down.

However, since the onset of this pandemic, many hand sanitizer dispenser brands in India have made innovations to make things easier for the buyers. Today’s sanitizer dispensers run on electricity and thus, eliminate the hassle of refilling batteries.

Price factor

Thes machines come with a fully automatic system, and quite understandably, these are more expensive than the manual ones.

But instead of simply focusing on the cost price, we should also consider the service and the long-term value of the purchased product. Being touchless, these are safer to operate and also last longer than usual. Moreover, many brands today offer affordable choices that everyone can buy.


There is scepticism that an automatic dispenser is high maintenance. As the sanitizer dispenses automatically, it gets clogged in places, which requires timely cleaning. This also makes the place dirty and unhygienic.

However, dispenser units that run on electricity and use a mist-based spray technique, require very little regular maintenance. These are consequently very hygienic as well.

Even though the refilling of sanitizer dispenser is a manual job, it is pretty simple to refill these machines and only takes a few minutes to do so.

How to pick the right automatic sanitizer dispenser for your workplace?

Office, schools, public spaces, the need for hand sanitizers is almost everywhere. Even at homes, these devices can be easily installed and used.

There are so many dispensers with different features available in the market. Some have automatic spray dispenser and some release the thick gel itself. Some come with the option of being wall-mounted or are compact enough to be kept on your desk.

Some sanitizers provide quick sanitization while some take time. It depends on the type of dispenser you are planning to buy.


If you are planning to buy a contactless sanitizer dispenser, it’s important that you carefully study the features and the price, and calculate the value-for-money.

OakMist automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispenser comes with all the features that you will need at your home, office, retail store, or any other institution. It is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that sprays the required amount of sanitizer on your palms, ensuring full sanitization.

The OakMist touchless hand sanitizer dispenser requires zero-contact. It is cost-effective and provides maximum safety. The dispenser comes in two sizes to choose from and is ideal for home use and busy public areas.

It is approved by DRDO and is one of the best commercial hand sanitizer dispensers available in the market today, which has found its usage nationwide. It is being used at airports, many private and government offices, banks, shopping malls, temples, hospitals, and even at the offices of our honourable ministers.

To know more about the OakMist automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, visit here.

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