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Welcome to our world of smart solutions! Introducing smart meters - cutting-edge electronic devices revolutionizing the way we understand and manage electric consumption. Unlike traditional meters, smart meters not only record essential information like energy consumption, voltage levels, current, and power factor but also establish a two-way communication channel that provides real-time monitoring, automatic readings, and remote access which redefine convenience and efficiency.

In the dynamic landscape of India's electricity sector, smart meters address pressing challenges such as AT&C Losses, bridging the gap in ACS-ARR, and combating payment defaults. Embrace the future of energy management with our solution OAKMETER 1P4G and transform the way we interact with electricity. Our single-phase, two-wire CT operated meter is specially designed for Consumer Interface Units (CIUs). With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, the OAKMETER 1P4G is available in only 4G version, 4G version with 2G fallback, 4G version with 2G fallback plus BLE, NBiot version and NBiot version with 2G fallback for uninterrupted connectivity.

Powered by Renasas Micro-Controller, this energy meter boasts class 1.0 accuracy. Its integrated Quectel 4G GPRS/GSM module ensures real-time parameter calculation, efficient memory management, and facilitates automatic or remote communication with the Head End Server (HES). Experience the convenience of advanced technology at your fingertips with OAKMETER 1P4G.

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