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Companies that use contract manufacturing

6 Big Players and Companies That Use Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is the process of outsourcing the production of goods or services to a third-party company. It is a common practice in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace, food, and cosmetics.

According to a report, the global contract manufacturing market size was valued at USD 92.42 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 188.07 billion by 2026.

This practice empowers companies to excel in core functions like R&D and marketing while minimising manufacturing costs and risks. It grants access to specialised tech and expertise.

One of the leading companies that provides contract manufacturing services is Oakter. We specialise in original electronic design and manufacturing. We create smart home solutions, IoT devices, and hardware like OakView, OakRemote, and OakPlug. We also provide white-label IoT products for other brands.

In this article, we will explore six top companies that use contract manufacturing services like Oakter. We will examine how they benefit from outsourcing their manufacturing processes and how they leverage the advantages of contract manufacturing to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

1. Paytm POS: Streamlining Payment Solutions

Companies that use contract manufacturing

Paytm is a pioneer in digital transactions and one of the companies that use contract manufacturing, specifically collaborating with Oakter for their PoS Soundbox devices. These devices are voice-activated speakers that announce payment confirmations instantly, making transactions easier and faster for merchants and customers.

By outsourcing the production and delivery of these devices to Oakter, Paytm can streamline its payment solutions and focus on its core competencies. Contract manufacturing also helps Paytm reduce its operational costs, improve its quality standards, and scale up its production capacity to meet market demands effectively.

This synergy of technology and manufacturing prowess exemplifies how strategic outsourcing can augment a company’s ability to innovate and respond to market needs.

2. Syska Personal Care: Enhancing Grooming Solutions

SYSKA, a trailblazer in personal care, is one of the companies that use contract manufacturing through its partnership with Oakter. This collaboration has become the cornerstone of SYSKA’s journey toward innovation and expansion.

By entrusting Oakter with the manufacturing process, SYSKA accelerates its product range growth, swiftly introducing novel grooming solutions to the market. Contract manufacturing acts as a guardian of product quality, ensuring that SYSKA’s reputation remains unwavering.

Furthermore, reducing time-to-market, this strategic partnership allows SYSKA to stay agile in a fast-paced industry.

3. Saregama Audio: Elevating Music Experience

Saregama Audio has orchestrated a harmonious symphony with contract manufacturing, epitomised by their collaboration with Oakter. At the heart of this partnership is the Carvaan soundbar karaoke, an innovation that encapsulates modern music experiences.

Our involvement in designing and developing this portable digital music player with a built-in microphone showcases the fusion of expertise. Contract manufacturing empowers Saregama to orchestrate efficiency in production while seamlessly scaling as demand dictates.

The appeal is its flexibility. With contract manufacturing, Saregama keeps evolving its products as consumer tastes change. As Saregama continues to elevate the music experience, the symphony of collaboration with Oakter underscores the transformative potential of contract manufacturing in creating timeless tunes of success.

4. Sony: Integrating Smart Solutions


Among notable companies that use contract manufacturing, Sony‘s alliance with Oakter has created a symphony of smart solutions, reshaping the tech landscape. Delving into their partnership reveals a profound orchestration of expertise.

Notably, Oakter’s collaboration with Sony Bravia TVs in India exemplifies this harmony, as cutting-edge technology meets efficient manufacturing. Through contract manufacturing, Sony orchestrates a refined production process that amplifies its reach, resonating with diverse audiences.

This collaboration unfurls a tapestry of innovation and outreach, where contract manufacturing serves as the conductor orchestrating the seamless integration of smart solutions into Sony’s product lines. The resonating synergy echoes across markets, demonstrating how strategic partnerships can harmonise innovation and production efficiency.

5. Google: Infusing Smart Homes with Technology

Within the realm of smart homes, Google‘s engagement with contract manufacturing unveils a nexus of innovation. The marriage of Google’s visionary technology and contract manufacturing prowess is exemplified through its partnership with Oakter.

Among top companies that use contract manufacturing, Google’s partnership finds resonance in the integration of Oakter’s products with Google Home in the Indian market, where smart homes come to life. The heart of this synergy lies in Google’s ability to harness external expertise through contract manufacturing, transforming ideas into tangible, seamless product offerings.

The strategic use of contract manufacturing empowers Google to sculpt a new era of interconnected living, where external expertise and internal innovation unite, seamlessly weaving the fabric of modern homes.

6. Electric Pe: Paving the Way for Electric Vehicles

As the world accelerates towards sustainable transportation, Electric Pe emerges as a beacon of change, propelled by Oakter’s contract manufacturing expertise. This dynamic partnership harmonises innovation and production, with Electric Pe’s smart EV charge points leading the charge.

Oakter’s involvement underscores its pivotal role in advancing the electric vehicle industry. Contract manufacturing serves as the driving force, allowing Oakter to bring pioneering solutions to life, propelling the shift to greener mobility. By infusing our ingenuity into Electric Pe’s charge points, we showcase our commitment to innovation.

This collaboration is a testament to how contract manufacturing seamlessly marries creativity and production, fostering breakthroughs in an ever-evolving market, and exemplifies why companies that use contract manufacturing are delivering it better.

Elevating Innovation with Oakter’s Contract Manufacturing

Companies that use contract manufacturing have adopted a powerful strategy applicable across diverse sectors to optimise their product development and market presence. By outsourcing processes to specialised partners, companies can benefit from lower costs, higher quality, faster delivery, and greater flexibility.

From Paytm to Google, these companies that use contract manufacturing services like Oakter showcase the positive impact of this strategy on their product innovation and customer satisfaction. We offer end-to-end solutions for various products, including electronics, personal care, and IoT devices.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient contract manufacturing partner, look no further than Oakter.

Contact us today to bring your innovative visions to life!

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