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Why Your Home Needs a Compact Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

The origin of the novel coronavirus may still be debatable, but we have already witnessed its dangerous impact. And what we know for sure is that we need a robust shielding mechanism to deal with it. So we need to get ahead of it and do everything controllable.

Most workplaces are yet to open fully. So, we are living in a hybrid setup. Our homes are now both our office and residence. Also, willingly or unwillingly, we all have to go out of the home. It’s unavoidable, and it deters us from keeping up with any appropriate hand sanitizing behaviour.

Top Benefits of Having Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at Home


As a seasoned marketer would say, good marketing can’t sell a bad product. Consumers are smart. They know where the value lies. As this report from Allied Market Research suggests, the market for automatic hand sanitizer dispensers would touch the ballpark of 180 million USD by 2027. It’s not about today or two years forward here. It’s about ingraining good habits in our psychology.

At times we need tools to build certain habits. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is one of those tools. It will help us fight the present Coronavirus effectively and other potential germs that could barge into our lives and plan destruction.

Let’s understand how these little automated machines can positively change our hygiene regime.

1. Safe and Effective Cleaning 

When you sanitize your hands using a hand sanitizer bottle, you are bound to touch it. Ultimately, you end up leaving germs on the bottle. You might say, “I sanitize my hands after touching the bottle; how does it make a difference?” But it does. Your sanitizer bottle is not static, and you will move it. And the germs will move with it to any new place you put it. That’s the problem these automatic hand sanitizer dispensers solve.

The auto sanitizer dispensers are static, and you can have a separate place for them in your house. The automatic sanitizer dispenser uses ultrasonic sensors to promote safe and contactless cleaning.

2. Higher Usability 

The coronavirus pandemic was unprecedented. Suddenly people had to change the way they lead their daily lives. And the pandemic has already lasted for too long. So, there is strong reasoning to believe there is a tiredness factor too. For example, people are tired of washing their hands again and again.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers address the above issue by using the same automated sensors. The sensor makes sure the machine dispenses liquid all over the palm and stops once you take your hands off it. Thus, it makes hand sanitizing fast and effortless. That, in turn, translates to higher usability.

3. Equitable Sanitization

Spreading sanitizer bottles everywhere in the home doesn’t help if everyone is not using them. The elders and the children in the family are more likely to take sanitization for granted. They might think, as they are not going out of home, it’s a futile exercise. But when you have a mechanism in place, it’s easy to get everyone in the house to follow it.

It takes the tiredness factor out of the equation as it’s fast and very convenient to use. Once everyone in the home, including children and the elderly, get used to it, it’ll become like a ritual that nobody questions. A tiny machine like a hand sanitizer dispenser can ensure equitable hand sanitization in your home. And strengthen the safety wall against vile viruses like COVID-19.

4. Cost-effective Solution 

Though, no cost can that match the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones. But in relative terms, we always measure what costs what. The automatic hand sanitizers are a very economical solution to what seems like a very complex problem. That’s maintaining appropriate behaviour to tackle harmful pathogens.

The dispenser also minimises the cost of liquid sanitizer, as you get the flexibility to choose the spray time. If you want the machine to dispense less liquid, you can lower the spray time. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser helps you to prevent unnecessary leakage of liquid every time you use it.

OakMist Mini: A Perfect Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser For Your Home

OakMist automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is entirely Made in India and developed in association with the Indian defence research body DRDO.

It can contain about 1.2 litres of sanitizing liquid. It’s effortless to operate and set up. You can tactically place it anywhere in your home.

OakMist Mini: Best-in-Class Touchless Hand Sanitizer

The OakMist mini hand sanitizer dispenser comes with a very efficient ultrasonic sensor. Suppose you use its total carrying capacity. That is about 1200 ML. As a result, you get more than a thousand sanitizing sprays after every refill. Moreover, the product is highly portable. You can mount OakMist Mini on the wall or use it as a tabletop hand sanitizer dispenser.

The OakMist mini looks premium, and the manufacturers have given it an aluminium body to keep its weight in check. Also, the dimensions of the product are pretty balanced that gives OakMist mini a sleek look. The height of the product is 36 cm, while it is 20 cm wide.

Top Features of OakMist Mini

OakMist mini has integration with a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. In addition, you get the feature to turn On/OFF remotely with the official Oakter app available on both android and IOS. Using the app, you can set wait time and spray time manually. Apart from digital integration, OakMist mini has many features which make it easier to use in the long run.

  • Collapsible sanitizer funnel for easy refilling.
  • Compatible with all standard Ethanol and IPA sanitizers.
  • Mist-based spray for optimum and even spraying on the entire palm.
  • Energy-efficient: Works efficiently on voltage as low as 100V AC, can take up to 250V AC.
  • Universal 12V power adapter makes it easy to connect to a power source.

OakMist Mini is a feature-filled automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that ensures safety for every family member. Bring OakMist Mini home to offer your loved ones extra layers of protection from a variety of pathogens like Coronavirus.

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