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5 Reasons Why Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensers Should Be Common in India

The Importance of Proper Sanitation

Our hands are the primary part of our body that are exposed to various germs daily. On average, nearly 3,200 thousand germs from over 150 different species can be present on our hands, some of which may also cause an ailment if they manage to get into your body.

These numbers are also further amplified by the amount of population in the area; this is especially concerning in India, where there are unprecedented levels of human activity in most public spaces.

The best way to combat this is by sanitising your hand and avoiding touching unsanitised surfaces. For many in India, the recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of maintaining a higher standard of hygiene.

This realisation has prompted many to pick up refills or utilise publically available sanitisers. Though this move makes people a lot safer than what they are used to, we think this process has room to improve further with contactless hand sanitiser dispensers.

Now, you may wonder, hey, dispensers and pocket sanitisers are here already; what gives? How does a contactless hand sanitiser dispenser improve on this anyway? Here are five reasons why contactless hand sanitiser dispensers should be common in India. 

Here’s How Oakter’s Contactless Dispenser Safeguards You and Your Community


1)  Never Be Unprotected

Let’s face it, how many times have we forgotten our sanitisers while going out? How many times have we come across dispensers that are in an inconvenient location, dirty to touch, or simply broken? These situations are totally avoidable with the help of a contactless hand sanitiser dispenser.

2) Improve Accessibility

Contactless hand sanitiser dispensers are an effortless tool to improve the accessibility of sanitisers to the masses. Motion sensors avoid any physical input and make it easy and safer to access sanitisers in public spaces.

The contactless activation will also enable easy access to the differently-abled, elderly and children. This feature ensures no barrier to entry for safety for everyone in the community. 

3) Better Protection

Contactless hand sanitiser dispensers can also be safer than traditional dispensers and portable sanitisers. With a contactless dispenser, you will not need to come into contact with germ riddled surfaces like you would with conventional dispensers.

4) Encourage Others

Beneath all the sophistication, humans are social animals at their core. When someone does the right thing in a social setting, it will most likely lead others to follow suit as a part of the chameleon effect. Your act of vigilance has the power to encourage others and be a proponent of change? That’s something special.

5) Reduce Wastage

Contactless dispensers are also a great way to reduce hand sanitiser and plastic wastage. Contactless dispensers dispense an appropriate dose of sanitiser for each activation and can be refilled when required. This significantly reduces the use of single-use plastic and allow the effective use of sanitisers.

With all that said, you may be wondering about picking up a top of the line contactless hand sanitiser dispenser. Well, you’ve come to the right place. OakMist is a high-quality contactless hand sanitiser dispenser developed in association with the renowned Defence Research and Development Organisation of India (DRDO).

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Introducing OakMist

The OakMist contactless hand sanitiser dispenser was devised with the aim to serve as an accessible and reliable solution to dispense hand sanitisers to the masses in public spaces in a bid to fight infections.

Parent brand Oakter is a proud supporter of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. Oakter deals in 100% made in India products which include the OakMist range of contactless hand sanitiser dispensers.

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The OakMist range comprises three variants customised for your unique requirements: 

1) The OakMist Mini

The OakMist mini is one of our most popular offerings developed with serving homes, gyms, small offices & small businesses alike. The Mini is designed to take up less space and provide seamless dispenses.

2) The OakMist 5Lts

The 5lts variant OakMist, a contactless hand sanitiser dispenser, is aimed at Medium – Large-sized, Industries and educational institutions. The 5Lts version provides optimal performance at an economical price point.

3) The OakMist Plus 

With a capacity of 10Lts, the OakMist Plus is designed for large scale applications. It is the perfect fit for serving people in malls, apartments, large scale industries, universities, large public spaces and more.

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Why Choose OakMist?

World-Class Technology

Oakter’s OakMist was designed and built-in in collaboration with the DRDO of India, comprising the best technology in construction and functionality possible. You can rest assured that our products will serve you diligently and effectively over the years to come.

Contactless Sterilization

Unlike traditional mechanical dispensers that are prone to failure and require manual input, OakMist uses cutting edge ultrasonic sensors that detect your palm and deliver a spray that is quick and precise. 

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A Standard Solution

It is your one-stop solution for your hand sanitising needs. OakMist contactless hand sanitiser dispensers are designed from the ground up to be a standard and reliable dispensing solution that will stand the test of time and give you peace of mind.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

With the interest of accessibility in mind, the OakMist contactless hand sanitiser dispenser is easily installable and requires low maintenance to ensure prompt and continuous operation.

On that note, we hope you understand why contactless hand sanitiser dispensers are indispensable to our modern society.

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