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Why Hiring Private Label Manufacturer of IoT for Wireless Systems Is a Right Move?

IoT gadgets have radically changed the employee experience. It offers countless opportunities to enhance productivity, safety and health, reduce costs, and improve quality of life.

By 2023, the enterprise IoT market is estimated to reach a value of $58 billion.

However, it is highly challenging to introduce new solutions to the market and integrate them into intricate IoT networks on your own. 

This is where a private label manufacturer can help you ease your burden.

You can get a fully-fledged IoT gateway using a private label without having the necessary development resources on hand. It helps you set foot into a new market while saving you time.

Before discussing the benefits of working with a private label manufacturer, let’s first understand what an IoT gateway is and how it functions.

What is an IoT Gateway?


An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is, to put it simply, a physical or digital platform that links sensors, IoT modules, and smart devices to the cloud.

IoT gateway hardware holds software that can carry out various activities, such as translating communication between devices using various wireless protocols and data filtering to ensure that only necessary data is transferred to the cloud.

Gateways act as wireless access points to connect IoT devices to the Internet.

It may seem like a simple router that allows communication across many protocols and gadgets. However, IoT Gateways are very advanced technologies capable of much more, including edge computing.

How does an IoT Gateway Work?

A linked IoT gateway processes all data through an IoT ecosystem, from an IoT device to the cloud or the other way around.

In any particular IoT ecosystem, an IoT gateway gathers vast amounts of data from several linked devices and sensors. Before sending the data to cloud platforms, the gateway pre-processes it. These platforms then handle the labour-intensive task of turning the data into useful insight.

IoT gateways also accept data from the cloud and relay it to the devices, enabling field equipment to be managed independently.

Pre-processing reduces the amount of data sent to the cloud by aggregating, summarising, and synchronising traffic from various devices and communication protocols. However, this may significantly affect response times and network transmission costs.

They can also extend battery life and reduce power consumption. In a nutshell, it’s a lifesaver! 

But how can private label manufacturers help you to enter an IoT market?

6 Reasons You Should Choose Private Label Manufacturer for Your Wireless Systems

It can be very tempting to start an entire IoT solution from scratch when entering the IoT world. But is this the only approach to getting your work done?

Many attempts have been made and unfortunately, they failed. Using private label devices for your IoT solution will help you prevent this.

Here are the top 6 reasons to select private label manufacturers:

1. Build your brand image

In business, how quickly you can get your product to market is essential. A private label manufacturer can provide customised items as well as unique branding.

Using a private label manufacturer will help you brand them as your own without manufacturing them. As a result, you will be able to deliver quality goods to the market faster while building your brand.  

2. Cuts down unit cost

Unit cost is the difference between profitable operations and depressing losses – the higher the unit cost, the lower the profit margin. You must invest in research and development while creating your product. It’s a high-risk venture because there’s always the possibility that the project will fail.

Alternatively, a competitor may outperform you by releasing a comparable commodity while you are still in the research stage.

Private label products are less hazardous and have lower unit costs. Furthermore, you can buy what you need, allowing you to keep a small inventory. You can gradually place a bulk order as the demand rises, saving on storage costs.

3. Offering a wider variety of goods

When developing a solution independently, you will have a steeper learning curve outside your core expertise and a far longer time to market. 

The good news is that a private label manufacturer can help offer a variety of products cost effectively. Moreover, by utilising private labelled goods, you can deploy a comprehensive solution in a short span. This way, you can attract a new group of prospects and grow your organisation.

4. Acquire a competitive edge

IoT is a quickly evolving industry with fierce competition. As a result, you may offer your clients a wider range of items and acquire a competitive advantage more quickly by not having to develop every product yourself.

You will be miles ahead of competitors who opted to handle all the development themselves because you won’t have to spend time creating, testing, and validating the products.

5. Adapting to  the changing trends

Customers’ preferences can change quickly. Unfortunately, keeping up with these changing trends can be difficult for some businesses.

But with the ideal private label manufacturer, you can make critical product adjustments without going through a lengthy development procedure. As a result, you will keep your customers happy by supplying goods that properly fit their requirements and preferences.

6. Better allocation of time and resources

You will likely make mistakes with a do-it-yourself strategy that other  companies have previously made and fixed. You can avoid these risks with the help of private label manufacturers who have already created and fixed such issues.

Oakter – Your future companion

Oakter is a smart IoT devices development company based in India. We are here to help you enter the IoT space and meet your objectives. 

We specialise in developing innovative automation products like WiFi universal remotes, smart plugs, UPS for WiFi routers, and many more. Furthermore, we are experts in the field of IoT manufacturing and have already implemented our solutions for well-known companies like Google, Sony, and Ola.

Oakter expertly manages every step of the production process, including requirement mapping, prototyping, and deployment. With Oakter, you can rest assured that we will work with you as a 360-degree partner and take on the production load, giving you more time to concentrate on other business-related tasks.

So if you want to launch a cutting-edge product, connect with us today!

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