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Five Reasons to Switch to Touchless Sanitizer Dispensers From Traditional Ones

Hand sanitizers used to be little and inconspicuous in our daily lives until the pandemic struck. It was a seldom used commodity at companies and offices across the country. People were shaking hands, sharing stationery, and generally going about their business without giving it any thought but now things have changed. Hand sanitizer, which was once in low supply due to panic buying, is now freely accessible — but still in high demand. Hand sanitizer dispensers are required at all entrances, as well as inside, for businesses, hotels, pubs, and public areas. 

Automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are becoming a standard component in most offices. A touchless sanitizer dispenser is one of the simplest tools to use to keep our hands clean. It’s an  effective product as it is controlled by a sensor and automatically distributes a standard volume of alcohol-based hand sanitizer liquid whenever it senses movement, such as exhibiting hands beneath it.

Five Reasons To Switch From Traditional Sanitizer Dispenser To The Touchless one 


A touchless sanitizer dispenser removes the requirement for human interaction and this aids in the preservation of a sanitary and safe atmosphere. Below mentioned are five reasons you should switch to a touchless sanitizer dispenser instead of the tradition one. 

1. Usable for any and everyone

The way life has altered is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and life after various lockdowns has instilled in everyone the important lesson of ‘hands, face, space,’ that has been ingrained in our consciousness and day-to-day affairs. Even with a vaccine on the way, it’s hoped that our newfound knowledge of health and hygiene practises, particularly the usage of hand sanitizer, will continue.

Businesses are opting to install automated zero-touch sanitizers dispensers as these touchless sanitizer dispensers are gaining popularity. It is because they provide total sanitation while minimising the need to touch. Explore Oakter’s touchless sanitizer dispensers , available in versatile shapes and designs and with features like minimum wastage, etc.  

Touchless sanitizing dispensers are easy to use. This encourages people to incorporate hand sanitizing as a habit. The level of microbe transfer is reduced significantly which reduces the chance of the virus to spread, keeping your workspace safe. 

2. Automatic with minimum wastage 

The sensors on the device release the sanitizer liquid directly into the user’s hands for optimal cleansing and protection. It’s a faster technique of administering the sanitizer and you don’t have to pause to sanitize your hands. There’s no need to use your hands to press pumps or squeeze bottles, whether you pick a standalone or wall-mounted dispenser. There is no mess or waste.

Every time you use an automated dispenser, you’ll get the exact quantity of sanitizer you need. Each dosage is estimated to comprise of  70 per cent alcohol which is the normal quantity in a sanitising gel and some of them even come with a pleasant aroma.

3. Safety, but in a unique way

When people go to work, they are aware that they might be exposed to  the  Covid-19 virus. Harmful microscopic organisms may survive in the most remote places and spread quickly from one person to the next. 

Touchless hand sanitizing dispensers can help reduce the risk of stomach and respiratory infections spreading through hands among colleagues. These devices have less interaction with various surfaces than a standard hand sanitizer. This is crucial for the safety of the workplace, as employees and sometimes clients visit the office. 

Employees do not have to take a day off because of an illness as it hinders with their work. Therefore having an automatic sanitizer dispenser helps prevent the transmission of infections as it is killed at the source. Sanitizers contain a gel that contains alcohol in order to kill the germs present on the skin. The alcohol works rapidly to kill the organisms and contaminations.

4. Saves time and is economic

Hand sanitizers with automatic dispensers are useful for accelerating the treatment process. Let’s be honest: all it takes to disinfect your palms is a simple hand motion. As a result, this method of handwashing takes far less time than the standard wash, soap, rinse, and repeat method.

This does not imply that appropriate, ‘conventional’ hand-washing  should be overlooked or neglected. However, in other situations, when you do not have the time to abandon everything you’ve been working on simply to go to the bathroom, it might make a tremendous difference. There are some instances where this is simply not feasible.

Keeping things sanitized when you are travelling  is  vital and hand sanitizers may aid in that.

5. Available in a variety of sizes

The dispenser you choose should be dependent on the size and kind of liquid you desire. If you’re purchasing one for your office, look for dispensers that can last a full day without needing to be refilled. 

In addition, the system for supplying the sanitising liquid has been upgraded to increase durability and efficiency. Touchless sanitizer dispensers ranging from 1.2L of capacity to 10L capacity can be found on Oakter’s website.

The automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are the ideal solution to your budgetary concerns since they emit the precise r amount of sanitising liquid and are difficult to lose or break. 
The dispenser is the appropriate solution to preserve a safe and hygienic atmosphere around you. This device does not require any touch in order to work, making it safer than other traditional options. It’s simple to set up, maintain, and has a long lifespan.

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