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Five Corporate Gifting Best-Practices to Keep In Mind

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” 

-Doug Conant

Every stakeholder of your organisation is working long hours to prepare for the festive season and be ready to embrace the new year with newer expectations. Employees are trying hard to close the pending work; sales representatives are pushing to seal the last-minute deals. 

It’s that time of the year to show gratitude to everyone who moves the wheel of your organisation and makes it a better and more valuable entity with each passing year. And there is no better way to show gratitude to your employees and clients than offering them gifts while they go on a much-deserved break. 

Irrespective of your corporate gifting budget, you need to have a plan in place; you need to answer “how you want to gift’’ and “who you want to gift” before thinking of “what you want to gift”. 

We present you with the industry-best corporate gifting practices you can follow this year to make your festive corporate gifting campaign a success.

Five Corporate Gifting Practices To Make Festive Gifting a Success


According to a report published in Forbes, as many as 95% of business executives believe corporate gifting improved their business relationships. Thus, corporate gifting is no longer a tradition; it directly impacts your business prospects.

However, corporate gifting remains a tricky territory; it can prove counterproductive to your business if it goes wrong. Therefore, you have to be cautious while using business gifts as a marketing effort for your organisation. 

Use the following five business gifting practices to chart out a perfect gifting campaign for your business. 

1. Gifts for people outside the company 

Usually, when you plan to give gifts to people outside your organisation, you have to be clear in your mind – who do you want to provide? Your business partners, clients, prospects, and service providers are ideal candidates. 

Here, you have to keep in mind; more than the cost of the gift, it’s the nature of the gift which holds the most significance. So you can play safe by gifting something which is not too pricey yet useful. Like a small branded product. 

2. Gifts for people within the company 

Getting gifts for employees and co-workers is trickier than buying gifts for other company stakeholders. Here, you strictly need to avoid notional gifts. Instead, get something useful and give the articles going beyond hierarchy. 

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3. Getting the budget right!

Every organisation has a different corporate gifting budget. It’s great if you have the financial bandwidth to give expensive items but don’t give them. 

Offering extravagant costly gifts to clients, customers, and even employees leaves an impression that you are somehow trying to influence them. 

4. Aligning gifts with company values

Sometimes you get stuck in a dilemma, thinking whether a particular article is the right business gift or not. That’s a very natural thought – don’t get stressed, go back to the basics – refer to your company handbook. 

Ask yourself, ask your HR what your company stands for, the values you cherish. Then, if the article aligns with that value system, you are getting it right. 

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5. Checking corporate gifting compliance laws 

At last, you have to check the laws of the land. Sometimes, gifting can get you in trouble, especially when you offer gifts to people outside your company. 

Such as some states don’t allow government officials to receive presents from corporations. So, do not skip this step! Remember what we stated earlier, sometimes gifting can also be counterproductive. 

Oakter Smart Electronics for Corporate Gifting 

Oakter is a homegrown electronic brand that produces quality, innovative electronics specifically designed for Indian customers. 

Oakter takes pride in offering fully Indian products to serve the needs of domestic users.

So, when you give an Oakter’s offering to your clients, customers, and employees, you also provide them with a sense of “Indian-ness.”    

The product portfolio of Oakter includes smart home devices like wifi plugs, Smart Wifi Universal remote, MiniUPS, and a range of no contact sanitizer dispensers for healthy living.

This festive season Oakter is offering customized corporate gifting solutions. You can gift Oakter products to your employees, customers and prospects with your company logo on the box. 
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