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Complete Home Automation System

Smart Home Automation Features For A Delightful Experience

Voice Control
Fully voice control
your home
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Fully voice control your home.

Change lights as per your mood, change to party mode, play your favourite music, change the channel on your TV, control the AC; everything happens with your voice.
Just Say,

Alexa, Good Morning.

(Turns On Light, Turns On Geyser, Turns Off AC, Open the Curtains)

Alexa, Good Night.

(Turns Off Lights, Turns On AC, Close the curtains)

Alexa, It's Party Time.

(Turns Off Lights while keeping cove lights On, Turns On AC, Plays your Favourite Music)

Alexa, I am back at home.

Turns on Lights, Turns on Geyser, Turns on AC, Open the curtains)

And many more...

Ok Google
mobile app control
Home Automation
Mobile App
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Home Automation Mobile App

  • Turn on your lights, change your room Temperature, Change Channel on TV, set your music theme is just with a tap of your Android smartphone or iOS device.
  • Real-time alerts on your smartphone for any operation at your home.
  • Check the activity on your phone when you are not available at home.
  • Invite your family members to do the same on their smartphones.
Motion Based Lights
Sensing Lights
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Motion Sensing Lights

No more finding the switches at night. With motion sensor-based lights, you can automate your home lighting.

During the night, when motion is detected, lights turn on automatically. These indoor motion sensor lights also, auto turn off when there is no motion.

Smart curtain
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Smart Curtain

No need to stand up from your bed. With curtain automation, you can open and close the curtain from your smartphone or voice commands. Get remote-controlled curtains for all windows of your house.

smart door lock
door lock
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Smart Door Lock

Smart security system for your home helps you unlock your door from anywhere with a single tap of your smartphone.

Features of the smart lock:

  • Mechanical Key Unlocking.
  • Unlock from your Smartphone.
  • Real-time Alerts on unlocking the door.
  • Push button to unlock from your room.
  • Give temporary access to your family members/visitors in your absence.
Smart scheduling
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Smart Scheduling

Your Comfort and Energy Saving is our Priority. Make real-time scheduling from your Mobile App or with Alexa and Google Home enabled home automation features.

  • Turn your Lights as per the Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Schedule your Geyser to save electricity.
  • Create schedules for your lights to create an impression that you are at home.
  • Automate your home appliances like washing machines, water tanks, and more.

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    What Makes Oakter’s Home Automation System the Best Solutions for Turning Your Home into a Smart Home?

    • No extra or rewiring needed to turn your home Into a smart home.
    • Installation within a few hours.
    • Completely customised smart home solutions tailored to your preference.
    • Your traditional systems to control the appliances also work.
    • Get everything from automatic lighting control, smart curtains, smart locks, voice controlling TV, AC, Set-top boxes, washing machines, geysers, fans, water tank pumps, etc.
    • Supports Alexa and Google Home automation.
    • Easily control your home from your smartphone from anywhere anytime to switch on-off your appliances and devices on specific schedules.

    What’s more, all our Home Automation systems are proudly made in India, making Oakter one of the best home automation companies in the country.
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