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TankBolt - Smart water Level Controller

Fully Automatic Water Level & Pump Management System for your Overhead & Underground Water Tanks

  • Advanced Ultrasonic Sensor based Operation
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Works with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Onsite Installation Support in Delhi NCR & Bangalore
  • Remote Installation Support All India
MRP. : 7,490.00 6,490.00
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In The Box

  • Ultrasonic sensor
    with 40 meter wire
  • Sufficient for 4 floors If required, extra 100ft.
    extension is available

  • Tankbolt Plug
    (Indoor unit)
  • Supports pump capacity upto 2HP

  • Accessories Box
  • Magic Glue - To fix the ultrasonic sensor
    inside the tank
  • Cable Ties - To tie the wire near the tank
  • Measuring Tape- To measure your tank height

Key Features of the Tanbolt

icon auto timer

Switch ON-OFF pump automatically as per timing of government water supply

switch on empty

Switch ON pump automatically when water reaches low-level for ground-water mode

switch off full

Switch OFF pump automatically when tank is full


Switch OFF pump automatically if water is not available (dry run protection) & retry after sleep time

Mobile app setting

Modify all settings using the mobile app

Advanced Tech

Most advanced ultrasonic sensor to know exact tank level & view real time water level on mobile app

Real time clock (RTC) to ensure timer always work, without fail

Ability for multiple users to use the mobile app

Switch ON-OFF the water pump using mobile app

What is TankBolt?

How easy is the installation

Specifications & Warranty

Voltage / Supports upto
110V - 290V, 3.6W at 230V
Highly conductive coppercontacts
Pins Type
BS 546 Type M
Socket Type
Indian 16amp Socket
Plastic Type
Fire resistant Polycarbonate plastic enclosure
Works a without internet
Firmware Upgrade
Constantly evolves with Over The Air firmware updates
Inbuilt protection against power surges
WiFi Universal Remote - Oakter   1 Year Replacement Warranty
The product has one year warranty. The warranty does not include water seepage in the sensor and physical damage. Visiting charges will be free for 30 days in case the customer has paid for one-time installation charges and afterwards a nominal amount of Rs 350 will be charged in case a visit is required post 30 days, which will again be valid for the next 30 days.
WiFi Universal Remote - Oakter   WhatsApp Customer Support Integrated In the Mobile App
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The same way our mothers has always done it manually. That’s by switching on the pump and checking the tap. Tankbolt can replicate this since the ultrasonic sensor can measure the exact level of water inside the tank. If the level is rising, then water is available.

If supply water is not available, then water-pump is automatically switched-OFF by Tankbolt. This is called dry-run protection. A water level controller without dry-run protection will result in pump burn-out.

Yes, you can do it very easily by using the mobile app.

Yes, you can do it easily by using the mobile app.

It can be used for buildings up to 6 floors. If you want to use it for taller high-rise, then contact us to check feasibility.

Anyone familiar with a smart-phone can easily install the product himself. If required, we can also arrange a door-step installation at your home. We have an installation network in most towns of India.

The wire is from Tankbolt smart-plug to tank-sensor is necessary to avoid battery in tank sensor. The batteries are not environment friendly and need to be replaced after a few months. The core philosophy of Tankbolt is fix it and forget it, which can not be achieved with a wireless sensor.

Smart Phone (Android or Apple iOS) is necessarily required for first time installation of tankbolt. Once it’s installed then it can work automatically without a smart-phone

All the features of Tankbolt mobile app work without WiFi internet when you are inside the home (within 20 ft of Tankbolt Smartplug). The homes with WiFi internet can additionally enjoy all the features of the mobile app remotely from anywhere in the world.

Yes it will work. You would need an electrician to convert the switch to plug & socket.

We provide 1-year replacement warranty by default. You can extend it by 6 months by writing a product review on our website. If 10 or more people like your review than warranty is further extended by 6 more months. After the warranty period, you can enjoy the same level of warranty coverage by availing AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

You can contact us on phone, email or chat. The chat interface is available in the Tankbolt mobile app, contact number is +91-7575040506 & email is tankbolt@oakter.com. Our customer care team is active 7 days a week from 10 AM to 8 PM.

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