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OakMist: Range of Touchless Sanitizer Dispensers -
developed by DRDO

Touchless Sanitizer Dispensers - Oakter
Oakmist mini-touchless-sanitizer-dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

OakMist Mini - 1.2 L Capacity

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

OakMist 5 Lts - 5 L Capacity

Oakmist Plus-touchless-sanitizer-dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

OakMist Plus - 10 L Capacity

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    No Warranty will be offered on Products purchased online except from this website and Company's listing on Amazon

    "It has come to our notice that some of the online stores and marketplaces are selling Oakter products at heavily discounted prices. Our observation is that most of them are not our authorized resellers . Keeping our end customer’s interest in mind, we have accordingly issued an advisory on our website.
    Consumers buying products online need to keep this in mind before making their purchases from any online website"