Save The world

App For Energy Saving

The Oakter app has an inbuilt comfort algorithm that works to optimise your energy usage without sacrificing your comfort. Combined with the comfort leaf, the oakter app can give you noticeable energy benefits. It also allows you to set your high power consuming cooling devices to more energy efficient modes manually

The scheduling options in your app also ensures that you dont forget to turn of your often forgeotten appliances like water heaters, thus bringing that power bill down

Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat, which is a sensor, can be paired and with a 16Amp leaf or a 25Amp leaf based on the AC/heater that you use. It uses temperature and humidity sensors to identify the ambient conditions of your room. It gives best results if installed close to your bed or the area where you spend most of your time while your AC is running

The comfort leaf also doubles up as a USB phone charger so that you have a bedside charger as well!